Have a Great New Year 2020

I’ve been writing, I promise. The Book of Matthew is something new and not for everyone. It’s a neo-noir, dark urban fantasy novella, my dissertation artefact, and I’ve been editing and filling out description and sense perceptions for the reader.

I’ve also been editing/writing a novella which will become the first book of the Josephine Marlin, Fields of Elysian series, but I will not be releasing any JM until all 7 novels have been completed.. this year (It’s not a hard ask, five books are in different states of editing, but they’re complete).

The BOM will be released very soon and will fill in the story surrounding The Gothic Guild Interview process gothicguild.org and the Jerrymanders story. I can tell you, like the two stories converging, JM will also be set in that universe and there will be a reckoning-another novella I’ll have at the ready-for mass release in 2021. I will take one day a week and continue to update the gothicguild.org and the Reachville Community News Online at jerrymanders.com/reachville … in the new year.

Have a great new year everyone.