Kangaroo’s call for less tagger’s

Bert Kanga

On the Bright Side, a Kangaroo at Mission Park golf course today demanded that the club limit its membership to those who also like a wrestle. Noting that the membership had gone downhill since the introduction of “Open Days”.

Apparently “victims” of spontaneous wrestling matches on open days have begun to complain and tag, according to Bert who went on to say, “Tagging’s just not on. I was having a pretty good wresting match with a lovely tourist from Brazil, Frank, just yesterday, when all of a sudden he tagged a woman walking past and she jumped on top of me. It’s not bloody fair” Bert said.

“Just because it’s open day, doesn’t mean it’s a bloody free for all. We Kanga’s can’t go to the Reachville golf club any more with all those ‘New Money’ drongo’s thinking they own the place, and now… thinking our Joey’s were finally safe… Incomers… We Kangaroos won’t stand for it, if there’s gonna be tagging, we can tag too.”

Bert did have a lot more to say, but column space is limited. If you would like to know more about Bert, and his family and friends dilemma, why not stop by Mission Park golf course on Open Day and wrestle it out of him.

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