Local girl goes missing

By Craven Looney

In the usually quite suburb of Reachville, devastation is unfolding.

19 year old Rebecca Snelt didn’t come home last night. Her parents, Mr and Mrs Snelt, say, “This is so unlike Rebecca, she always phones if she’s going to be late.”

Mrs East confirmed the Snelt’s statement, “Yeah, no, they’re right. Pretty little Rebecca always phones them if she’s going to be late.”

With the tragic events of the last month culminating in the discovery of 21 year old Sasha Dobson in that vacant block over there, the disappearance of Rebecca couldn’t come at a worse time.

The police are asking for any witnesses who can help them piece together Miss Snelt’s movements in the last 24 hours to call 000 and ask for Detective Sergeant Groves, lead investigator on the case.

They have assured me that each call will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

Rebecca was last seen wearing a long white mens shirt and black leggings. Her shoes were black Ugg boots with an intricate red pattern along the outside leg of each boot. Her long blonde hair was loose and flowing. Please take a good look at our staff model for more details.

Once again, if you do see Miss Snelt, please call 000 and ask for sergeant Groves.

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