Search continues for Snelt – victim

Lead Guitarist Steve

In this quiet little Hamlet of Reachville the search continues today for Rebecca Snelt.

Police have been flooded with calls from people wanting to help, and from some wanting help. Detective Sergeant Groves said in a statement earlier today, “We want to thank all those assisting us with our inquiries into Miss Snelt’s disappearance, but could calls for help with other disappearances, such as Cats, Dogs and grannies please use the number on your screens. I’ll say it again, please use the number on your screens. Thank you”.

Later, in a private conversation with Mrs East, long time resident of Reachville, I discovered that Miss Rebecca Snelt was not the first young girl to disappear from the area in the past couple of weeks.

Mrs East went on record to say, “Yeah we had some long haired layabouts, you know, musician types, move into the neighbourhood three weeks ago, and the young girls just don’t seem to want to sleep in their own beds anymore. It’s a tragedy. In my day…”

Having had to cut our interview short, I made my way along the sleepy roads of Reachville to the Snelt’s home address. Mr and Mrs Snelt have denied that Rebecca ever visited the house where the musicians live and emphatically deny that the lead guitarist is in fact a hunk, and still hold out hope that she will return home.

This is Craven Looney signing off from another day beating the streets of Reachville. Bringing you the news as it happens almost on time, every time.

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