Bear found in Reachville home

Reachville Bear

In a quiet street on the outskirts of Reachville is the home of Mrs Sumac, who has spent the last week with her ailing sister in Salsberry. Upon her return home on Friday morning she was greeted with what sounded like a Bear growling as she opened her front door.

Mrs Sumac said, “I know we don’t have Bears of that type in Australia but you just never know these days do you”?

Having to agree with Mrs Sumac, she went on to tell me what she did next, “Well I called the man didn’t I? I mean, I’m just an old lady living by myself and I could see from the front door that there was flour all over the kitchen floor and a couple of boxes of crackers lying around”.

Asked if she felt terrified, Mrs Sumac looked me in the eyes and said, “Of course I bloody was. Where’s Josh? He’s the Reachville reporter. I like Josh, always has a nice word…”

Well there we have it, Reachville is lining up to be more than the little hole in the wall town I was told it was when I agreed to come here.

I’m Craven Looney, telling you how they want me to, almost on time, every time.