The Reachville Ransacker’s

The Reachville Ransacker's

The home of Mrs Sumac, of Rangehill road Reachville became the fourth home to fall victim to the Reachville Ransacker’s. After arrangements were made to remove what Mrs Sumac believed to be a bear from the house, police arrived in time to provide a walk through.

Upon entering the home, police found that Mrs Sumac’s cupboards had been gone through. Her kitchen broom had been dressed in a pair of frilly polka dot knickers, one of Mrs Sumacs summer dresses and her church hat. Officers confirmed that the homeowner did not dress the broom herself before writing up their report.

Mrs Sumac was devastated and said, “I don’t know who would do such a thing. I mean, to go through the kitchen cupboards and even the fridge is one thing, but to defile my broom, well I just have no words for someone who could commit such a barbaric act”.

Police confirm that this latest breakin fits with earlier home invasions in the same area. At this time, police have a man in custody helping them with their inquiries.

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