Reachville Ransacker suspect released

Today officer Groves released the man held over for yesterday’s home invasion saying, “due to insufficient evidence, we have released the person held over for questioning”.

Police released the suspect in the early hours of the morning to doctors at the Reachville Mercy Hospital for psychiatric evaluation. It is presumed that the man in question has been admitted for a 24 hour observation stay. No description or name of the man has been released.

Mrs Sumac said, ‘I didn’t see who they took from my house, the rangers must have passed the gentlemen on to police yesterday afternoon. And I don’t think one man could have defiled my broom alone, it definitely would take at least two, one to hold it still, the other to dress it”.

Mrs Sumac, still visibly shaken from her ordeal, made this plea, “Whoever ransacked my unmentionables, please please return the two pack of A76 Energizer batteries. I need them for… relaxation purposes, they’re hard to come by. Aren’t they dear? You can just drop them into my post box during the night, I won’t say anything about it”.

Thinking that this day couldn’t get any more disturbing, Mrs Sumac made one last plea, “I’m not sure what you did with the Rabbit, but all will be forgiven if you can put that into the post box also”.

After developing a severe case of germophobia since taking up this position as the Reachville Journalist, I made my way back to the minivan and took a dry bath with my extra thick Wilderness Wipes.

This is a highly disturbed Craven Looney bringing you all the Reachville news, almost as it happens, everyday of the week.

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