Flu virus purposefully targets men

A study has confirmed that the Flu virus purposefully targets men because their bodies are the perfect host. Dr Rachshini and her team of FAW’s (Females against wifery) have found that ‘Man Flu’ is a thing.

The study found that because many men are “routineness” that’s right, they said routineness which is just a fancy word for, they do the same thing day in, day out, but because they are routineness their bodies are not subjected to the myriad of virus’s found not only in shopping centres, supermarkets, schools and school activities, but also those virus’s brought into the home by children, animals and of course the man.

With women being exposed to so many different virus’s on a daily basis, their immune systems adapt and strengthen.

The study suggests that men don’t always exaggerate the effects of the same flu a woman might also contract. It does suggest that men should be locked in a dark room with a TV and a remote and a bottle of a Nighttime flu mixture.

Dr Rachshini said, ‘The best way to handle man flu, is to either pre-empt its entry into the males low immune system, or take the kids on holiday for a week and invite his mother to stay with him while you’re away”.

I felt that this study was worth my time to research because our newest Path intern, Matt Hershy has developed man flu on his first day at work.

This one’s for you Matt, Mr Durango’s Delicatessen on Leaf Street have Flu for you at night on sale for just $5.99 a bottle this week only.

Craven Looney
Sick and Tired

This is Craven Looney carrying her own equipment back to the minivan waiting for Matt to get well soon and to take a pill.

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