Simone Martin still missing – E-fit of Unsub inside

Reachville is under a cloud this morning as the search for Simone Martin, who turned 18 on Tuesday, continues.

Children are being warned to stay in groups and to not get into strangers cars. Teacher’s at the Reachville high school have all been questioned and Simone’s friends have shed no light on the situation.

Witness and friend Mary Allen, 17, still maintains that a light blue coloured station wagon was seen just outside of the school in the minutes preceding Simone’s disappearance. Police ask that the community be on the look out for any car fitting this description.

Detective Sergeant Groves issued a statement this morning, “Could the good people in the community not approach the vehicle if they find it, but call my office and allow the police to deal with the situation. Vigilante groups do not help, and we ask that you stop frisking people in the supermarket car park. Just because you wear a beanie, Todd, doesn’t mean we don’t know who you are. Thank you.”

If you’re in the market for a new beanie, Mr Durango’s Delicatessen down on Leaf Street is having a half price sale today only. Tell him I sent you.

Reachville Police Behavioral Analysis Unit have put together a profile of the unsub and have provided us with a description of what he may look like.

If you have seen this person, please contact Sergeant Groves.

Well this is Craven Looney, bringing you the news almost as it happens on time every time with the Reachville Community News.

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