Body of missing school girl Simone Martin allegedly found

In the early hours of this morning the body of missing school girl, Simone Martin is presumed to have been found.

Details are sketchy and police, who are still examining the scene, are not yet speaking to reporters. I can tell you that the body appeared to be wrapped in the same style of Persian rug that other Little Finger victims had been wrapped in, making it pretty well certain that this is indeed his handy work.

Police are yet to identify the two young men who found the body, but I was first to speak with the witnesses who stumbled upon the macabre scene early this morning.

Mrs East, long time Reachville resident said, “I heard the boys stumbled upon the Little Finger holding the body in his arms, I mean, what do you say to something like that. I would have thought for sure the Martin girl had shacked up with the Muso’s up the street. You just never know these days do ya [sic]”.

Today I will stay out amongst the gathering throng of local residents, speaking to you live, as Mr Durango’s Delicatessen down on Leaf Street, attempts to pre-sell the newest Live CD today for half the price. Just mention my name ‘Craven Looney’ to get half off.

This is Craven Looney and Seamus Macbeth, bringing you the news almost as it happens on time every time with the Reachville Community News.

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