Forensics yet to identify victim

After this mornings gruesome discovery by two young men on an early, early morning walk to the petrol station for smokes, forensics have yet to identify the victim. It is widely believed that it is in fact Simone Martin who disappeared one week before her 18th birthday.

Many locals had secretly believed that Simone, like so many other young girls in the neighbourhood, had been staying at Grapple Effects house, where the band had been staying for the past 6 weeks. However a notable number of young people, believed to be missing from the area over the past 6 weeks, could be seen filing out of Grapple Effects house and are now wandering around in this carnival like atmosphere with their families, locals and tourists alike. Families have been reuniting all day. Simone Martin is not one of them.

Sergeant Groves gave a press conference earlier and although verified that the body found was indeed a little finger victim, he could not verify the victims identity.

As I have said, I had an interview with a local, on the ground resident and his first hand witness statement will be released to the highest bidder once I have released the feature article.

This is Craven Looney bringing you the news as it happens almost on time, every time. Keeping you up to date as the day progresses.

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