Clue Leads to Duck Lake Then Vanishes

Reachville’s CSI unit discovered Tiffany Creswell’s backpack under a brier of blackberries down near the only picnic table edging South Lake where you will remember a few tourists were attacked last year.

Although the backpack had the name Tiffany permanently marked across its flap, it was confirmed by the family not to be hers. Police have screened a few hoax calls, one in particular appears to be a favorited, the location of a severed finger. When CSI arrive they have been met with a cold chip, a length of tube spaghetti and one person even went so far as to create several paper Mache severed fingers and has been depositing them around town scaring many Reachvillian’s in this time of an already panicked public.

Run out of Newspaper and glue, Mr Durango’s can help you with blood capsules too. Just say Craven Looney sent you to get 5% off.

This is Craven Looney who just found another severed finger with Seamus Macbeth the one to sit next, to.

If you see something say something, unless it’s you Toddlystew.

This is Craven Looney bringing you the news as it happens, almost on time, every time.

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