Has Little Finger Returned?

It’s another sad day here in Reachville. We’ve had a year of safe streets since the discovery of the partially buried, mutilated corpse of Simone Martin. Today I’m sad to say another young girl has gone missing.

Tiffany Creswell was last seen yesterday morning on her way to school. She never arrived. Mrs East, a long-time resident of Reachville, has told police she saw Miss Creswell, Tiff C to her friends, walking past the post office at 8.30-am.

‘Yeah, I saw her but a big green Bus pulled up and then there was this blue car stopped behind it beeping its horn, pigeons were flyin’ everywhere, it was a nightmare really. I was just glad the ducks didn’t run up from the river, anyway, I saw her walk past the Bus but I didn’t see ‘er walk past the car cause of the pigeons. So yeah, another young girl taken in the prime of her life. Is ‘e back?’

Mrs East asked a question on all our minds today, has Little Finger Returned?

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Figure: He don’t live ear no moor
Source: Mr Durango’s wife (2019)

This is Craven Looney, glad to be back enduring another disturbing day on the streets of Reachville assisted by the lovely Seamus Macbeth fighting the urge to say, ‘I told ya so’ as it seems Little Finger is back in Reachville this week. Maybe what are now called cold cases, will have the cob webs wiped off them and evidence reviewed.

This is Craven Looney bringing you the news as it happens, almost on time, every time.

Feature image: Beautiful girl woman young, provided by DzeeShah (2014) https://pixabay.com/photos/beautiful-girl-woman-young-1274056

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