The Reachville Four: Where Are They?

They're home now

Today another girl went missing, 19-year-old Cheryl Blaxley. With no word about Tiffany Creswell, Jessica Baker, and Mazzie Rodgers, Reachvillian’s are thinking on their feet in this election. The Reachville CSI have not found any sign of the girls.

Little Finger has a precise pattern of psychological behaviour he, or she, adheres to but police and residents of Reachville are not finding bodies, nor evidence as to the girl’s whereabouts. Nothing has been discovered at this time, and time dear Reachvillian’s, is running out for these young ladies. If you see something, say something, to me.

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This is Craven Looney and Seamus MacBeth bringing you the news as it happens almost on time, every time.

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