It’s Election Day and it’s on!


Good afternoon. You’re here with Craven Looney and Seamus MacBeth and it’s on down here in Central Park. We’re across the way from the Reachville Primary School polling booths and the line is long. I’ve been in Reachville for, well too long, and I’ve voted one time and that was because it was a compulsory vote. Seamus and I have talked with many energetic voters today, asking them questions about who they think will snatch the two offices up for re-election and we’ve had some pretty interesting answers.

We asked a young woman with two small babies about the allegations made by the mayoral candidate, Regnif Tip about the presumed ‘Little Finger’ sculpture sergeant Groves is said to have on his desk.

‘I think it’s poor taste and I don’t want to see some nong as Reachville’s chief of police with something like that on his desk? It’s poor taste’.

When asked who she’d be voting for in the mayoral election, she said, ‘Old finger tips’, and laughed.

An older couple who’d been waiting in line for some time, told us they didn’t believe sergeant Groves had the alleged sculpture, ‘And he’ll be getting our vote!’

It’s a tight race here today, if only there were more candidates, but Reachvillian’s like to keep it simple and love their democratic compensating for something sausage.

Feel the need for greens with your sausage roll’s tonight? Check out the front of Mr Durango’s store down on Leaf street, he said he had a few greens you can take away for free.

The Electoral Commission has said they wouldn’t know the outcome of the election’s until Monday, but get down here, the polls close at three, just in time for tea.

This is Craven Looney and Seamus MacBeth bringing you the news almost as it happens on time every time.

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