New Evidence

The Reachville CSI Unit has today revealed a piece of evidence previously kept out of the media. Tiffany Creswell’s backpack still had her phone in it. It contained an image of who they think is her attacker, however, the image is too blurred to make out any features other than to say they are definitely looking for a Caucasian male around twenty-five to thirty years in age.

The image reveals, who I am referring to as Little Finger, Little Finger wears a hat of some sort. It’s brown, black or navy blue with a brim. The size of the brim could not be established taking the suspect pool down a little, but as almost every Caucasian male in Reachville wears a hat of some kind. They’re generally Beanies, but Beanies can have brims too.

Although the media has been shown the image, CSI have asked that we not publish it just yet, although it’s not lost on me that our Mayoral candidate does wear a hat with a brim, but that’s speculation.

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Keep reading for our special, Looney and MacBeth Beneath the Stars, on counting night.

This is Craven Looney and Seamus MacBeth bringing you the news almost as it happens on time every time.

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