Reachvillian’s Have Woken to a Graveyard this Morning

Today Reachville is a graveyard with the bodies of Cheryl Blaxley and Mazzie Rodgers being found overnight, with this reporter finding the body of Jessica Baker early this morning. Each girl was located in a different avenue of Reachville, and none were concealed from sight. The CSI unit has said each girl had her little finger removed.

If I was a superstitious person, I’d say there was something ritualistic around the abduction, murder and location of the dump sights. With drone footage, Seamus MacBeth and I were able to see each sight was of equal distance with Shelly Park in the centre of a large triangle. The triangle means different things to different pagan rites with one being, an element in alchemy, of fire. more important is the symbolism associated with three.

Three points to the triangle, with the centre creating the doorway to the Earth’s womb. In Christianity, three represents many things, but first and foremost the father, son, and holy spirit. Each spiritual practice recognises the importance, and representation of the number three.

This morning we have watched parents make their way into the coroner’s office to identify their loved ones. Police chief, Bertram Groves will be holding a press conference later today, ‘but for now could the media give the families some room to grieve’.

Each body was in a desiccated state like Tiffany Creswell who was found the night before last in a shallow grave down near Yaksi River bike path. Cheryl Blaxley, Mazzie Rodgers, and Jessica Baker had not been buried. Their bodies were displayed around Reachville overnight.

The Reachville four, they’re home now

Jessica Baker’s body found on the verge near the old skating rink with no attempt to cover the body. Cheryl Blaxley’s was found on the lawn of Shelly Park overlooking the Yaksi, again my sources say her body was also uncovered. Then there’s Mazzie Rodgers. Her body and was found by the now popular YouTuber’s known as the Dynamic Duo, Todd Ferguson and Stew Rodgers, no relation.

‘Yeah, we’ze found ‘er ova there,’ Mr Ferguson told reporters. ‘Didn’t knows what it was cause it (Cheryl Blaxley’s body) looked like a rolled-up bit of old plastic sheet’n. the kinds they use ta use before that ol whore boy ‘ouse falled down one nights.’

 As crude as Mr Ferguson’s account was, it was an accurate description. Seamus MacBeth and I had been cruising the streets looking for any sign of the girls when we came across a similar scene when we discovered the body of Jessica Baker. While waiting for the police to arrive, we were able to examine Miss Baker’s body, without corrupting the scene, and saw she had all her fingers.

Has Little Finger returned? Or is this something new? The residents of Reachville should remain vigilant. Keep your daughters close because I fear there is a new evil in Reachville today.

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This is Craven Looney and Seamus MacBeth, thinking about moving on, bringing you the news as it happens almost on time, every time.

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