Possibility of Two Serial Killers

Police chief, Bertram Groves, called a press conference this morning. The news was frightening, devastating. Groves informed reporters there is maybe more than one serial killer hunting our young.

Bertram Groves

Residents of surrounding suburbs, Shallow Groves, Salsberry and the Mournington Peninsula, including Reachville have been held hostage by one, maybe two, serial killers. Young people of all persuasions have been taken. Their bodies displayed around our towns for everyone to see.

Groves went on to explain a few differences about the abductions and murders, and it was chilling.

‘All young blond women, three, have had their pinkie fingers removed, but all victims, ten so far, resemble the desiccated states of the Reachville four’. Three women, three men and a newly wed couple have all fallen foul of these killers.

Top left to right: Susan Moore, Rashid and Enya Khatri, Emily Biggs, Sharon Eastlake, Brian Seamore, Kara Bellows, Dominick Russel, Paul Kinsley and Kirsten Pasley.

When asked if the victims had been exsanguinated, drained of their blood, Groves said an emphatic, ‘No!’

I then asked if the bodies had been displayed like the Reachville four.

‘Each victim has been displayed much like those poor souls whose funerals we all attended last week. We hoped to have found some clue, CCTV footage or even a cigarette butt, but the murderer(s) leave nothing traceable behind, not even a speck of DNA has been found on the victims. This, or these, killers have taken young people off the street at all hours of the day and night and no-one has seen anything. All we can do is pray for the safety of our children,’ Groves said.

Until today even we did not know about these victims. Both the mayoral office and the police department have been tight lipped.

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