Little Finger Update

It’s been a week of silence here in Reachville. Police have more questions than answers and the CSI unit have made one press release.

‘First we’d like to say there have been no abductions, no reports of missing loved ones, but that is the only good news we have. After careful examination of the bodies found earlier this week, we say with caution, there is only one serial killer using Reachville, and surrounding suburbs, as hunting grounds. We are however, no closer to finding the unsub. The change to the unsubs [Little Finger] mode of killing, at this point, we believe is an evolution in their life after a major stress event. For now we ask you to remain vigilant. The blue car seen at some of the abduction sites has yet to be identified. If you see a blue car, do not attempt to apprehend the driver, please write down the number plate and send it to Crime Hoppers Reachville’.

It was a sombre mood at the press conference. Silence filled the room until police chief, Bertram Groves, who’d been called first to each body dump in Reachville. Standing orders were, ‘No-one is to approach the scenes before Groves personally evaluates it first’. Groves stepped up to the podium and the only sound was the occasional clearing of dry throats and the annoying sucking noise of cough lollies in my left ear.

‘Little Finger,’ Groves began and brought me attention back to the front, ‘has evaded every attempt to catch him, but his modus operandi has altered. There now appears to be no discrimination between the sexes, hair colour, eye colour or body mass. Little Finger has, as you are aware, preyed upon both young men and women. He only remains true to his pre-stressor state by the continuation of his trophy collection, cutting off the pinkie finger from each of his blonde female victims. As we have said before, there are only three distinct events that occur prior to one of our young people disappearing, the bus, the blue car and pigeons flock to the sky up amongst the trees in central park’.

With Groves offering nothing I didn’t already know, my attention was drawn back to the sucking and snapping against the teeth of the outer towner journo in my left ear again.

If you take anything away from this conference, it must be this; tell the people of Reachville, Shallow Groves, Salsberry and the Mournington Peninsula to be vigilant.

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Vigil Ante

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Vigil Ante

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