Reachville in Shock

After the devastating events of June 13, 2019. Reachville and surrounding burbs have shut down.

The events of that day still move freely in the minds of those who lost loved ones, and those who have gone into hiding. The curfew is still in effect, with parents walking in groups, children kept in their class rooms, with shoppers, and workers, sharing vehicles.

No-one feels safe.

There has been no deaths since that day, but locals view that is due to their vigilance and the cold hard horror of what might happen. As the Reachville Community Online’s only reporter, many left in the days after June 13, it has been incumbent upon me to report the news, but news has been thin on the ground.

Seamus MacBeth remained and we never go anywhere without the other. Sticking with the groups of those frantic residents trying to keep their children, and themselves, safe, we can only report that nothing has changed.

The fear is thick in Reachville, it is like walking through a ghost town. Even Mrs East has been unusually quiet, never leaving her home. Her brother has been staying with her during these trying times.

Mr Durango’s store experiences a flurry of activity for one hour a day, he only opens for one hour. In the beginning he tried to keep his doors open, but it’s as if the community has an unwritten agreement about how they move through the town.

With no more specials available, and nothing to offer except the bare essentials, Mr Durango is contemplating shutting up shop. As I said, there have been no more deaths, in Reachville. Although there have been reports from towns on the other side of the Yaksi. All reports mirror the events of those in Reachville on that fateful day in 2019.

With a town shut down, and until it can recover, we have been asked to report once a week to keep the community up to date.

This is Craven Looney and Seamus MacBeth, thinking about you, and bringing the news, as it happens, almost on time, every time.

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