Spate of home invasions continues

By Craven Looney


A spate of home invasions continues to terrorise the people of Reachville tonight, with another brazen break in just last week while the family were asleep in their beds.

This is the third in as many weeks, with reports that it appears the perpetrators stay to watch television and eat the home owner’s food if they are out at the time.

Mrs East of Reachville said, “I saw their light on at 2-am last week, I knew they were out but I thought it best to keep my nose out of it. I’m a good neighbour like that, not into anyone else’s business, not like the couple over on Appleby road.”

As we walk the streets of Reachville today, there’s an air of fear, with the body of Sasha Dobson being found in the vacant allotment across the road from the same house burgled last week. Stolen was a new IPhone, a box of Wheaties, 2 litres of full cream milk, a pack of sugar and the last of the home owner’s coffee.

Sounds more like a shopping run to me.

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